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The Future's There for Anyone to Change

Jeff Knight
2 March 1962
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"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." John Lennon

I live in Austin with Tonie Knight euqort(my stunningly beautiful soul mate and wife), our (aggregate) five kids, one very shy cat and one very bad dog.

I write (ad copy, newsletter articles, white papers, et cetera), for a non-profit corporation. Plus, I do my own writing (poems, songs, stories, essays), with mixed success. I’m a very good cook, a mediocre guitar player, and a way-down-the-rabbit-hole music geek.

I’m from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, a little town along 95. Went to school at UNC-Chapel Hill, hung around tending bar for a year, then moved to California for a few years. Have been in Austin since ’88, and expect never to leave.