Jeff Knight (just_jeff) wrote,
Jeff Knight

Proposition: The market views nuclear power as so risky

that it will neither capitalize nor insure nuclear reactors. Therefore, if nukes are to be built, it falls to the taxpayer to assume that risk.

Conservative republicans typically argue that (a) market forces ought to decide what does and doesn’t get done, (b) the government should be shrunk, not least because (c) government makes a mess out of whatever it touches. Yet most conservative republicans are very much in favor of directing taxpayer dollars toward nuclear power.

If you believe the proposition to be false, why do you think it is false?

OTOH, if you agree with me that the proposition is true, what sense do you make out of the contradiction?

My inner cynic kind of thinks that the answer is to do with money, that the nuke industry has bought its influence. But let’s extend the benefit of the doubt long enough to do a thought experiment: If we could give truth serum to, oh, let’s make it Jim DeMint (small government Tea Party Senator, strongly pro-nuke), and ask him to reconcile the contradiction, what would he say?
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